Benefits & Privileges of TSI membership

All ordinary and Life Members shall been titled to participate in all activities of the Society including the right to vote subject to the by laws. Only Fellow members will be eligible to be an officer of the society.

Student, Institution, Honorary, Patron, Startup, Paramedical and Overseas Members will have all the privileges as under 6(a) but will not have the right to vote or nominate or to serve on the Executive committee or stand for any election.

Corporate member will also become accredited to every module of Code of Practice for services they provide.

Corporate members can nominate one member each, maximum 2 members (among all corporates) in rotation to the EC.

No member will be allowed to propose or second a nomination or stand as a candidate for any election unless his dues are cleared before the last date of receipt of nomination papers.

No member whose is in arrear of his dues will have the right to vote until his dues are paid before the time of voting.

Members whose dues are not complete will not be allowed to vote or to present a paper in the annual conference and will be required to register as non-member for the annual conference.

The receipt of payment of the annual subscription or a Xerox copy of the same will have to be produced at the time of the registration.

Institutional Member: During the period of valid membership an Institution member can nominate three individuals to represent the company for AGM.